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We all have heard of the internet “wizz-kids” who made fortunes on the internet when it first started. Unfortunately things are a lot different now. People are a lot smarter online now than in the early days of the net and you actually have to provide some value if you want to earn money online.It certainly is possible. Many people do it including myself. The one thing you have to understand is that having a business online does have a lot of similarities with a traditional business model. It also has a lot of significant advantages.In its simplest form all businesses have to provide a product or service that people want. With an online business, one of the greatest advantages is that you can easily sell other peoples products and make a commission on the sales without actually dealing with the product itself.

That means that you don’t have to have any stock. That is a huge saving. You become an affiliate to some of the thousands of companies who do business online. Promote their products using totally free methods and receive a commission on any sales made.It is a straightforward method and as a business model, has proved successful for many people all over the world who now run their own successful businesses from their own homes at the hours that suit them.The only thing that is of vital importance is to learn what works and what doesn’t. That is obvious but so many people start off trying to make money online and fail because they don’t know the proven steps that produce sales time and time again.Don’t be mistaken into thinking you can become rich overnight. There are plenty of offers to be found online for that. Real businesses do require work and effort. The secret is knowing exactly where to put that effort.

There are obviously some technical things to learn but in truth, it probably is a lot easier now that a few years ago. Building websites for instance, might seem a difficult step but it isn’t now. You no longer need to write all the code since free tools are available to make the whole process almost automatic.If you are wondering how to pay the bills and don’t know how to start a business online then just remember that many people have become very successful online that were in the same boat as you. What they did was to learn what needs to be done and then apply it.

Two Quick Tips to Help You Figure Out Your Business Online Advertising |

As a local business internet advertising expert, I get to work with frustrated small business owners everyday. With the current economy they are frustrated with the return on investment they are getting on their usual local business marketing efforts. Yellow pages advertising, newspaper ads and the same old networking functions are just not producing the types of results they used to. Here are some tips that are guaranteed to help you with your local business internet advertising plan.

Tip number one: Start or expand your social media efforts. Are you on twitter? Have you heard of Twitter? I would hope so. With being on Oprah, the cover of Time magazine and in newspapers all over the country, unless you have been living under a rock (which some small business owners have), then you have heard of this growing phenomena. With twitter applications you can target locally located people around you and offer coupons or incentives to get local folks to pay attention to you and purchase your products or services.Tip number two: Create or alter your blog. Most of you reading this will already have a blog but did you know it is all about how you use it. Blogs are extremely effective for those looking to boost their local business internet advertising because you can target local terms such as localcityname and then your service or product. Example: if you are a Naples Diamonds company, blogging on Naples Diamonds would make a lot of sense and get you ranked much faster and possibly versus blogging just using the term diamonds.

As easy as those two tips sound, done daily you would dominate your area for your niche with these business online advertising tips.